Rhacodactylus ciliates or also known as Crested geckos are lizards common in New Caledonia, an island located in Fiji and Australia in the southwestern region of Pacific Ocean's. A lot of keepers of exotic pets like this maintain this lizard in confinement.

Diet wise, crested geckos are omnivorous.

Basics of Crested Gecko

This creature usually grows between six and eight inches long. A number of noteworthy physical characteristics include squat limbs, big head, narrow tails, subtle scaling as well as black striping. Crested Gecko has 2 crests all through his back edges. These crests start just over their eyes, and look as if lines of spiky scales. As animals in healthy as well as caring settings, geckos can survive for fifteen to twenty years. Crested gecko is a nocturnal animal and is likely to have humble characters, and biting is not typically part of the repertory.

What is the Right Diet for Crested Gecko?

Feeding your crested gecko with the appropriate food is important to keep an active, healthy as well as alert pet. Just like human being, crested geckos require a balanced diet too in order to become healthy. It is not advisable to feed your gecko with anything you want. This guide you will know about your choices with regards to feeding your pet.

what do crested geckos eat

Food in the Forest

By nature, this animal does eat lots of bugs. But, crested gecko also readily eats lots of things which are not insects. Nectar and fruit are staples of gecko’s diets.

Kinds of Fruit Crested Geckos Love to Eat

Fruits crested gecko’s loves to eat:

  • Berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries
  • Tropical fruits like pineapples, figs and papaya
  • Pitted fruits like cherries, apples and pears
  • Other fruits such as melons, persimmons and grapes.

Make sure to wash the fruit carefully prior to giving it to geckos, to get rid of pesticide and bacteria residue. Then take apart any toxic or inedible parts like the pits and seeds of apples, squash, cherries, peaches, pears and apricots. You should prepare the fruit in a way that your gecko will be capable of eating it. The best way is to put the fruit in a blender and crash it. This will be easier for your pet to lick up the puree using his tongue.

In case you don’t have a blender, simply cut the fruit into small pieces using a grater or a knife.

  • Live Insects. In confinement, live insects comprise big parts of what this pet usually eats. Various types of insect crested geckos love to eat butterworms, locusts, cutworms as well as cricket. It’s favorable to gut-load cricket prior to giving them to your pets. This can be done through supplying cricket’s nourishment like oranges, grains as well as carrots.Nighttime feeding is appropriate for crested geckos.
  • Foods for Baby Crested Gecko. Crested geckos absolutely can consume non-bug food. A commercial food in powder form is not the sole thing baby geckos can eat. In the forest, baby geckos are used to consuming lots of nectar and fruit, in captivity, this animal thrive if you gave human food in fruity and sweet flavors about 2 times per week. Pureed food formulas also work very well to baby geckos, in flavor selections such as pear, peach, banana, nectarine, and apricot.
  • Crested Geckos Commercial Food. Geckos commercially produced meals are nutritious food alternative for your pet, or at least healthy foundations for geckos diets. The powder base recipe aims to give crested geckos of the sustenance their bodies need so as to keep healthy as well as lively. This is easy to prepare just mix the powder along with the right amount of water. Give this to crested gecko three times per week. If you feed your pet with commercial food, he does not need some live insects anymore, even though you can add these as food treats. If your gecko doesn’t eat commercial food, he may require dietary supplements along with other foods. In case you are not sure what commercial supplements and foods are suitable for your crested geckos, read on to know the best foods for your crested geckos available online.

what do crested geckos eat

What Crested Geckos Eat: Top 3 Best Foods for Crested Gecko Review


PFM Complete Diet

what do crested geckos eat

One of the best foods available for your crested gecko, PFM Complete Diet utilizes a mix of fruit, which your lizard will not able to refuse. This food has been made using only the best and high quality ingredients such as 100% natural dried fruits, egg white, whey protein isolate, bee pollen, probiotics, spirulina, dried coconut milk, rice bran and lecithin. It is also formulated with essential vitamins and minerals including mixed tocopherols , Ferrous Sulfate, Choline Chloride, Beta Carotene, Inositol, Kelp Meal, Niacin. It is also abundant in ascorbic acid to boost your gecko’s immune system.

Other essential ingredients included in PFM Complete Diet include Cholecalciferol, Riboflavin, Potassium Chloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin A, Biotin, Folic Acid, Sulfur, Potassium Sorbate, Zinc Oxide as well as Vitamin B12. It has 21% of Crude Protein Min, 3.5% Crude Fat Min, 8% Crude Fiber Max, 6% Moisture Max, 1.2% Calcium Min and 5% of Phosphorus Min.

This is also easy to prepare. Feed your gecko with this food 2 to 3 times a week. Mix one part powder to two parts water. You can adjust the amount of water or powder to obtain desired consistency. Make sure to replace every 2 days, more often when conditions are humid and warm to keep away fruit flies and mold. The prepared mixture will last for seven days when put in the fridge. Open dry mixture will last for six months, but ensure to store it at the right room temperature. Unopened box will last up to two years. Occasional feedings of insect are highly recommended, but discretionary.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Mix of delicious fruits
  • Lots of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Last for long

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Pangea Fruit Mix With Insects

what do crested geckos eat

If you are looking for healthy and nutritious food for your crested gecko, Pangea Fruit Mix with Insects is perhaps the best option. This food for crested gecko is a combination of delicious fruits such as papaya, apricot, banana and insects. Aside from this, it also comes with essential vitamins and minerals. Pangea Fruit Mix has completely balanced vitamin and calcium. This will surely love by your geckos. Giving live insects from time to time is beneficial for your pets.


  • It is prepared with insect as the main components.
  • Five years of improvement and testing the biggest collections of gecko in the United States
  • Gets rid of the risks and hazards of feeding baby foods to your crested geckos
  • 100% natural fruits are included as the main foundations of this gecko diet
  • Delicious and nutritious food for your geckos, all you need is to just mix it with water and give it to your pet

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Repashy RescureCal Plus

what do crested geckos eat

This food for crested gecko is a concentrated calcium supplement packed with magnesium for utmost calcium uptake. It is easy to absorb. Put water to liquidize so that you can add to dropper fed in emergency cases like calcium crash. The Repashy RescureCal Plus can also be given dry for free feeding so as to avoid calcium deficiency. An essential nutrient includes magnesium gluconate and calcium lactate gluconate that are extremely bio-available. It makes one half liter.

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You have to take good care of your crested gecko in order to keep it lively, healthy and vigorous; this includes giving him the right diet. The foods listed above will help keep your crested gecko have a happy and healthy life. This helps him live for longest years.