Reptiles lay eggs then after a couple of days or weeks, this hatch. Eggs have to be kept at a reliable temperature, safe and secure from harm. Part of determining the sex of reptile is the temp at which they are hatched. So, if you like variety of sexes, and want to pursue a cultivating or breeding hobby, it is very essential to keep this in mind when searching for a reptile incubator. Diverse species of reptiles have diverse incubation need; therefore you have to ensure the incubator you buy is ideal for the type of reptile you want to keep.


Zoomed Reptibator

This reptile incubator provides many essential features such as the display panel and digital control. It has a thermometer which runs from 59 to 104 degree Fahrenheit, given by a strong 50 watt heating elements. Also, there’s a dampness display that runs from 10 to 90 percent relative humidity.


  • Temperature and humidity displays
  • Better temperature range

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Lucky Reptile HN-2UK Herp Nursery II Incubator

This is a multi-functional incubator armed with a state of the art peltier system. This enables the incubator to cool and heat, which make it ideal for application as an incubator and hibernating animals. It can automatically switch between cooling and heating to keep the needed temperature. Not like other incubators available out there, the state of the art Lucky Reptile HN-2UK will instantly enter cooling mode when the temp of the breeding is surpassed and return to optimum avoiding the loss of eggs because of overheating. This is an extremely valuable function on hot days.

The temperature area is about five to sixty degree Celsius; however it depends on the temperature of the surroundings.

It has a digital thermostat which allows setting the temp in one degree Celsius steps. Celcius between lower and upper areas inside the incubator thanks to the many spaces this incubator provides. This is a remarkable advantage as it allows you to incubate diverse species with diverse temperature need. This also allows you breed for particular sexes in one device.

Because of the temp gradient, showed temperature is just a guideline; it is highly recommend tracking the temp in the diverse parts using a separate thermometer.


  • This reptile incubator is extremely energy efficient
  • It just requires 10 W/h
  • A huge façade window allows an easy and good monitoring
  • The interior light can be switched on when needed.

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EXO Terra Incubator


This reptile incubator comes with a see-through door as well as interior light to track easily the hatching and incubation process. EXO Terra Incubator heats up and cools down when the set warmth is reached. However, you have to keep in mind the ambient heat of the room, because this could affect the warmth inside the reptile incubator. Make sure the temp of your room is stable. Utilize a thermometer for a precise reading of internal temperature as even if the display provides a reading, thermometer must be utilized as the precise temperature.


  • Offer humidity through adding water to glide-out tray located at the base of the incubator
  • It comes equipped with digital control
  • Dual slide out shelves
  • Precise heating and cooling combination which avoids the loss of the eggs
  • It comes with two incubator containers

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Buying reptile incubators could be daunting, because there are so many models and styles which are available. It is hard to choose the one which suits your own requirements and needs. Keep in mind that if you are buying your reptile incubator, you must know your requirement and how it works. This review can help you in your buying decision.