Substrate is a significant concern and a point of essential debate in the community of leopard gecko. Some substrates are regarded as safer than others, while there are also some that are downright dangerous. Your Leo will not do well on bare tank or enclosure, so it is a smart idea to give him with something to live on. There are many diverse choices available out there. You can find them online or at the nearest pet store.

Some substrates are more convenient than others. There are substrates that are actually hazardous to your leopard gecko and can cause health issues. Do not assume that simply because a substrate is provided in the pest store, it will be safe.

Even labeled for Leo might not be a smart idea.

Substrate that Needs to Keep Away From

Gravel, walnut shells, corn cob, wood chips as well as wood shavings are not the best options for geckos. As mentioned above, these substrates come with a range of risks. So, what is the substrate for your leopard geckos? Read on to know the answer. Here is the review of the top 3 best leopard geckos available online:


1. EXO-Terra Forest Moss Tropical Terrarium Substrate

This is a real solid and compressed forest moss grown commonly in Asia. This natural substrate is perfect for boosting humidity in vivarium and is completely safe for your leopard gecko. This is also safe to use for salamanders, frogs and digging or burrowing animals. This substrate from EXO Terra is very absorbent and is highly suggested in more humidifying shelters. It’s also a perfect egg laying substrate.


  • Totally ecological forest moss no chemicals or dyes.
  • Great for application in moistening shelters
  • Superb for application as incubation medium or egg laying
  • Perfect for amphibians as well as wetland environment reptiles

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2. The Forest Moss Tropical Terrarium Substrate

This is a real solid moss cultivated in Chile. This natural substrate is perfect for enhancing the dampness and moisture in the leopard gecko terrarium. It is totally safe for your Leo pet. This moss substrate is also ideal to salamanders, frogs and other types of reptiles. This is highly absorbent and recommended in dampening shelters like reptile cave or snake cave. Also it is a perfect incubation medium.


  • Augments and maintains the dampness in a vivarium, specifically perfect for pets with a high speed for moisture like salamanders, snakes, tropical lizards as well as frogs.
  • Produces about 4.5 litres of vivarium moss
  • Completely ecological forest moss, there is no additives and chemicals added
  • This substrate is made of renewable and compostable resources
  • Also appropriate as a nutritious base for vivarium plants

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3. ZooMed ReptiFresh Odor-Eliminating Substrate (8 Pounds)

If you are looking for a substrate for your gecko that eliminate odor, then Zoo Med ReptoFresh might be the best option. Available in 8 pounds, this substrate is also perfect for other types of species such as bearded dragon, desert species skinks, agamid lizards, sand boas, uromastyx lizards etc. This can be utilized as a mix-in with excavator clay or vita sand burrowing substrate to assist minimizes the smell. This substrate can help stimulate burrowing and natural digging behavior.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • It could last up to twelve months prior to replacing
  • 100 percent natural product

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Regardless of what the leopard gecko substrate you choose, ensure that it is clean as well as free of hazardous substances or objects prior to putting inside your terrarium. You have to consider any of the products mentioned above to make your leopard gecko healthy and happy.