Leopard geckos are very popular types of reptiles and easy to care pets. Geckos are just so easy to keep and these can live for a long span of time. On the other hand, this type of lizard is somewhat infamous for losing toes because of shedding issues. The skin of the toes doesn’t shed, and so dries out. When it dries, the skin constricts around the toes, this cut off the supply of blood to the toes. In the end, the toe will die due to oxygen deficiency brought by the red blood cells and the toes become diseased and fall off.

It’s relatively easy to say when this lizard will shed. The color of the skin start to dry almost starts to look smoky days before the occurrence of shedding. In this phase, it is essential to give your pet a shedding aid solution to have a comprehensive shed. Here is the review of the best shedding aid products for leopard gecko:


1. Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid

leopard gecko shedding

While a lot of lizards shed their skin so often, most do it well than others. Reptiles that experience from a worse shed can’t feel aching without the help of Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid. This company has carefully made this product to get rid of dull skin from your gecko that’s struggling to strip. This helps the skin pliable and moist. It is easy to use. You can apply the solution straight onto the skin of your gecko, and its assists moisturize your pet even after it is totally complete. This product can help soothe a bad shed.

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2. Zilla Tropical Mist Reptile Spray

leopard gecko shedding

Keep your gecko fit even in the hottest and driest climates with day by day sprits of Zilla Tropical Mist. This product is developed with healing emollients, vitamins as well as Aloe Vera to act as conditioners. This product can reinstate the humid setting a gecko craves while improving the suppleness of the skin, respiratory function as well as vivid coloration. It is easy to use just squirt it on pets on a daily basis. This is perfectly safe to use for semi-tropical and tropical species of amphibians and reptiles.


  • Provides humidity that is necessary for the skin as well as respiratory system of your gecko and assists to stop dull skin and shedding problems
  • Packed with rich emollients, essential vitamins as well as aloe Vera that improve coloration and bring back gecko skin
  • Boosts essential humidity and moisture levels
  • Spray straight from bottle every day or weekly
  • Perfect for tropical as well as semi-tropical species amphibians and reptiles
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3. Zilla Shed-Ease Reptile Bath

leopard gecko shedding

Though in the best and healthiest terrariums, geckos could have more issue shedding their skin like in the forest. Zilla Shed-Ease Bath makes the whole process of shedding so much easier. This is due to rich components like aloe Vera for skin conditioner and other emollients which soften the old dull skin as well as add a healthy shine to the new. Most old and dulls skins slides off effortlessly. It also works for reptiles experiencing from strain, poor health, unseemly diet as well as lack of dampness.


  • Rich of essential components like aloe Vera
  • It has emollients that facilitate shedding and at the same time promotes gecko’s healthy development
  • So as to grow, geckos should shed old, dull skin – utilizing Shed-Ease bath lead to the old dull skin easily gliding off.
  • Also perfect for animals experiencing from poor diet and stress
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It is essential to take good care of your gecko most especially when it comes to shedding. You have to help your gecko make the process easier with the aid of the products above.