Feeding your Iguana properly is an extremely essential aspect of being a dependable and responsible pet owner. Some iguanas are like human being so meaning, they will pick the foods they want, and not essentially the ones that are good for them. Iguana is known for being picky when it comes to food. Iguana must be fed a totally vegetarian diet that consists of 95% veggies and 5% fruit, prepared in order that even a choosy iguana can’t eat just their chosen food items. A small amount of commercially prepared diet for iguana can be offered as well.

Still, if you are unaware of what food to give your iguana, here is the review of the top 3 best food for Iguana.


1. Rep-Cal Iguana Food

Iguana Food

This iguana food is well formulated to ensure proper development and wellbeing through giving complete as well as balanced nutrition. It’s a vet recommended food that has natural fruit and plant ingredients that iguanas love.

This food also offers 100% complete nutrition your iguana needs on a daily basis. Rep-Cal has been tried and tested successfully for mature iguana by reptile experts. It is equipped with higher levels of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin D3 and calcium; therefore no other supplements or foods are needed.

Rep-Cal is highly suggested for all fully developed iguanas. It has mango, papaya as well as strawberries making a superb tasting food. This is available in 2.5 kilos.


  • Well made to ensure proper development and wellbeing through offering comprehensive and well balanced nutrition.
  • Recommended by veterinarian and contains fruit and veggies your iguana loves and give a 100% complete daily nutrition needed.
  • Tested successfully for grown-up iguanas by reptile experts and veterinarians
  • Packed with utmost levels of minerals and vitamins
  • No supplements or foods required


2. Nature Zone IGB2 Bites

Iguana Food

This iguana food is moist, soft as well as ready to eat out right from the bottle. This is made in the US with the best quality human grade components. It has passion fruit scent and flavor while the light green hue attracts iguana and keeps him eating this healthy mineral and vitamin fortified diet. The Nature Zone IGB2 Bites are available into bite sized, ready to eat, and convenient. Each cube measures ¼ inch making it easier for your iguana to take and digest. The exceptional formula of this iguana food features isolated whey and soy proteins that can be digested easily and has amino acids which are essential for fast growth, soluble plant fiber, for the health of intestine, carbs for energy, and calcium lactate to assist prevent MBD or metabolic bone disease.


  • Exclusively made for iguanas to encourage growth and wellbeing
  • Ready to eat- pre-prep and pre-soaking is not needed
  • Appetite stimulating
  • Easy to digest
  • Available in 2 oz, 9 oz as well as 1 gallon


3. EXO Terra Iguana Food

Iguana Food

This is a very delicious iguana diet, carefully made to make sure proper development and wellbeing thorough giving balanced and complete nutrition. This food has fruit and natural plant components that give complete nutrition on a daily basis. This food for iguana is packed with higher levels of minerals, amino acids as well as essential vitamins so no supplements are needed. EXO Terra Iguana Food is a comprehensive diet for various kinds of iguanas such as rock iguanas, banded iguanas and green iguanas.


  • Balances nutrition for proper growth and long term health
  • With additional minerals and vitamins
  • Carefully made with high quality components
  • Juvenile formula
  • Light shielded in order to preserve the essential nutrients


No matter what kind of foods you give to your iguana, the most important thing is, it should be served o on the right amounts and the right frequencies in order to help your pet grow as well as develop optimally.