Amphibians and reptiles are relatively popular home pet choices; however these creatures need a very special habitat and environment in order to thrive. Make sure to find the best vivarium intended for these animals, made to give the healthiest and safest home which mimics their authentic habitat as directly as possible. There are so many things you need to know about making the right habitat for amphibian or reptile. These creatures are not cats. The best reptile vivariums listed below are the great choice for your reptile’s pet. Lots of space as well as special features planned only for that kind of animal, your reptile is certain to love and enjoy their space.

Here is the review of the best vivarium for your reptile

Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium Large Beech Reptile Terrarium

Streamlined and versatile, Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium is intended particularly for the breeder and retile enthusiast. This unit can be stacked in an array of ways in order to suit your needs and space. It is the streamlined, versatile solution, particularly when you have restricted space. It offers the capability to make a combination of breeding units and vivariums which meet your needs and requirements. It comes with ventilation slot located in the back panel which makes sure a constant air flow all through the vivarium.


  • Sliding glass door
  • Available in 2 colors to match bre4ding units for a comprehensive look.
  • Improved fixings, it hasOneFix connectors, high quality plastic connectors which combine the bolt and the housing in one fitting so fewer fitting, fast assembly and avoid corrosion.
  • Offers the capability to make a combination of vivarium to meet your needs and requirements
  • Ventilation slots are available to keep your reptile comfortable
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Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium Small – Beech

Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium Small – Beech

For reptile enthusiast or those enjoy breeding reptiles and looking for the best vivarium, Vivexotic Repti-Home small vivarium is the best option. This vivarium is ideal for breeders with small areas. This state of the art vivarium provides you the flexibility to create a combination ideal for your own specific needs. It comes with a sliding door for easy access on cleaning or feeding your pet. An optional modifiable silver foot is available as well. It is intended to go along with your snake-stax unit. It is integrated with ventilation slots located at the back of the unit to make sure a fixed flow of air. It measures 575 wide by 375 deep x 421mm height, making it a perfect option for small places. Vivexotic created this wooden vivarium to provide lots of benefits, aside from being looking great they also offer the ideal environment for the reptiles. Once the reptile vivarium is developed and sealed properly, rest assured that it will last for many years. Optional integrated adjustable silver is very valuable a simple way to uphold an even level on rough floors.


  • Optional adjustable silver
  • Well sealed
  • Sliding door for fast and simple access
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Terapod Pro Reptile Vivarium Housing Beech Viv (36″ Terapod Pro Viv)

Terapod Pro Reptile Vivarium Housing Beech Viv (36" Terapod Pro Viv)

This vivarium has a 15mm face board made of melamine. Made utilizing strong wood, generated under the forestry council guidelines and it has black runners that guarantee a secure and safe fitting. This is integrated with hardened safety glass as well as black handles that make it more appealing and attractive. .Terapod vivarium has been made for fast stacking. The rear panel is fixed with four wiring holes, 2 at the crown and 2 at the base – ideal for installation of bulb and heating mat.


  • Durable and last longer
  • Inexpensive
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Reptile is a very popular pet today. But it requires proper attention in order to be living longer. Buying any of the vivariums above will surely help your reptile live happy and well.