Getting the right plants for your terrarium might be an overwhelming task most recently. However, there are lots of choices to consider. You also have to assess the need of your pets and the surrounding you are trying to copy. This guide is made to help make this matter a little bit easier for you. On the other hand, vivarium plants need to be well-match with one another. Therefore, if you’re getting several varieties, you have to make sure that nothing will suffer due to others. What is more, your plants need to be well-matched with the pet you are keeping in the vivarium. Here is the review of the top 3 best vivarium plants:


9Green Box Kit

If you are searching for a budget friendly vivarium plants, 9GreenBox is the best choice. It is a noteworthy option vivarium plants that come with almost everything you might need to start growing your vivarium plants. This kit has carbonized charcoal, river rocks, potting soil which is made for sheep moss and terrariums. This fulfills the need of people who are experiencing a difficult time in choosing the best among the wide selections and would like to begin preparing the bedding for the pet. With regards to customer reviews, this product has few complaints pertaining to the stuff inside the box. Some wishes that the amount of potting soil should increase as it will help them utilize it for many vivariums.


  • Very reasonable compared to other vivariums plants available
  • 9GreenBox kit consists of river rocks, potting soil, carbonized charcoal, and sheet moss.
  • The guide included in this kit is comprehensive so you can make a striking vivarium design without the help of others.
  • It comes with the whole thing you may need so that you do not have to buy anything individually, which is loved by many buyers.

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Hirt’s Gardens Kit

This best thing about Hirt’s Gardens Kit is that it is available for a fraction of cost. So, you don’t have to spend a lot on this matter. This garden kit comes with 3 seasonal plants along with a bag of potting soil, carbonized charcoal, sheet moss as well as river rocks. This product provides a decent value for your hard earned money. For those who don’t have experience in planting any species, rest assured that included guides in the kit are easy to follow.


  • This is considered one of the cheapest alternatives offered today. So, if you are on a tight budget, but still want to get the best plants for your vivarium. Hirt’s Garden Kit is the best option.
  • It comes with seasonal selections, so surprise may be something to anticipate.
  • You can make your own style without the need of buying river rocks and other stuff separately

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Crested gecko Vivarium Plan Kit

Do you have 29 gallon vivarium and looking for the appropriate plant? Crested gecko vivarium plant kit is the perfect choice. This vivarium plant kit is intended for glass terrarium that measures 18 by 18 by 24. All the plants included in the kit are easy to care. You’ll get four plants including 2 vines, and 2 tropicals. Plants are shipped in pots that already have quality soil. The size of the pot might vary; it depends on the availability.

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There are plenty of plants available for your vivarium. However, there are specific ones that you have to avoid including those hazardous to reptiles and those plants which can cause allergies or irritations. Listed above are just 3 of the few best vivarium plants kit available online.