Choosing the right enclosure for your tarantula is extremely essential so as to have a happy and successful life in confinement. Factors to consider when choosing a tarantula enclosure include the size, ventilation, height and floor space. Other factors like bedding and furnishing are also essential in the proper housing of pet tarantula. Below is the review of the top 3 best tarantula enclosures available today.


1. EXO Terra Glass Terrarium

Best Tarantula Enclosure

If you have a plan of setting up a natural tarantula enclosure, then EXO Terra Terrarium is the best option. This enclosure can be utilized for large or big tarantulas. This product is designed by herpetologists in Europe. Opening doors at the front allow fast access for feeding and maintenance. It comes with a specially made lock to avoid escape. Doors can be opened individually. It has full screen top ventilation that allows penetration of infrared and UVB and is totally detachable for fast access while cleaning or decorating.

In the rear of the cover are five closable tube or wire inlets on equal sides to set up sensors, heat wave rocks, waterfall etc inside the enclosure. The base plate of this enclosure is elevated to mount a bedding heater to warmth a part of the prolonged ground surface. It has high fixed window that is perfect for thick layers of bedding.

The geological setting of this enclosure gives an additional climbing dimension. This can be warmth using light dome along with light dome support fixture.

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2. Exo Terra Faunarium, Flat Home

Best Tarantula Enclosure

This tarantula enclosure is made of high quality plastic. EXO Terra Faunrarium is an all purpose enclosure. It is also ideal to insects, mice, amphibians as well as reptiles. It is easy to transport and is short-term quarantine or housing. It comes armed with a handle so you can carry it anywhere you want to go with ease. The top window is clear and it opens for easy removal and placement of tarantula inside. This enclosure is stackable, so easy to clean and maintain and most of all it is also easy to sterilize.


  • Perfect to transportng live foods or terrarium animals
  • Ideal for short-term quarantine or housing
  • It comes equipped with transparent door made of plastic for fast access
  • Great ventilation, easy to disinfect and clean as well
  • Measure 18 by 12 by 5.6
  • Very durable enclosure for tarantula

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3. Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit

This is the best setup for novice herpetoculturist. This habitat kit comes equipped with all essential parts needed in order to provide your terrarium pastime a good start. The highly developed EXO-Terra Glass Terrarium comes with front-opening doors for fast access for cleaning, feeding and maintenance. It has full screen ventilation that allows the light to come inside the enclosure. It also comes with a canopy that was made for exclusively for this terrarium.

The EXO Terra Desert Habitat Kit also comes with simple to set up lighting system that has fixture with a reflector.


  • Full glass tarantula enclosure
  • Two front doors that open individually, this also avoid tarantula from escaping
  • Exceptional front window ventilation
  • Full metal screen for ventilation
  • Compact lighting system
  • It comes with the needed d├ęcor items such as water dish, bedding, plant, rock outcrop, hiding cave as well as a guide on how to take good care of your tarantula.

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It is important to give your tarantula a proper enclosure where he can crawl around. But, make sure to only buy tarantula enclosure with the essential features in order to keep the safety of your tarantula pet. You can try any of the products mentioned above. They are well-made, and provide a safe haven to your tarantula.