Shock collars for dog training are becoming one of the best options for dog owners who own large and unruly dogs and who want to keep them under control. These devices can be controlled using a remote control. These offer mild electric shock when your dog exhibits destructive behavior and he or she associates the shock with the bad behavior. The shock collar gets rid of the need for a strong force and helps the dog know the difference between right and wrong straight away and without doubt.

Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs for 2018

Here is the review of the best shock collars for large dogs for 2018.


PetSafe Yard & Park Dog Training Collar

Best Shock Collar for Dogs

This is one of the best shock collars for dog training that help dogs to become obedient and respectful in public. This product provides up to 400 yards range, making it easy to hook up the receiver to the transmitter to far-off distances. It comes with rechargeable batteries and waterproof collar so you and your dog will surely love the convenience and durability it provides.

PetSafe Yard & Park Dog Training Collar comes with eight adjustable correction levels that take account of static tone and stimulation to assist in correcting her or his behavior and teach specific commands. Ideal for canine more than eight pounds and has neck size of 28 inches. This is an extremely versatile shock collar available.


  • 400 yard range
  • Eight adjustable levels
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Sync three collars with one receiver
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Petronics Rechargeable Electronic Training Collar

Best Shock Collar for Dogs

Made for canines of any size, this shock collar from Petronics is a very important component to assist your four legged friend in following your commands. This can be utilized to help eliminate too much barking and violence. This also helps dogs with sitting, walking, leash training as well as other sorts of behavioral obedience. Petronics rechargeable electronic training collar has a range of 33 yards and comes with four functional modes like shock, beep, light and vibration, you will be able to easily encourage your dog to act accordingly.


  • Corrects sitting, walking, aggression as well as other behavioral obedience problems
  • 3000 diverse identity codes to avoid signal conflict
  • Easy to adjust
  • Valuable for dogs between ten and 100 lbs
  • 100 stages of vibration as well as static shock
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Petrainer Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

Best Shock Collar for Dogs

This is a comprehensive training tool ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Due to its easy to adjust the collar feature, it can fit around your dog’s neck without strain. The receiver can send out  signal up to 330 yards. Thus gives you the capability to train your dog easily in public or on your yard. It has 100 customization levels for vibration and static stimulation. This allows you to choose the ideal strength to prompt your dog to follow your verbal commands with no pain.


  • Can be utilized to correct aggression, leash training, barking, walking as well as other behavioral issues
  • 0 to 100 stages of customization
  • Provides both vibration and static stimulation
  • 330 yards of range
  • It comes with 2 receiver collars
  • 100 percent weatherproof
  • Rechargeable receiver and transmitter
  • Easy to adjust collar up to twenty five inches
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Picking the best shock collar for your dog can be overwhelming, as you would want to ensure getting the best model without spending a lot and compromising the health of your beloved pet. Proper assessments of the products listed above provide you clearer insight of the best unit that meets your needs and preference. Knowing the significance of shock collars, the best ways to use them and getting the best model are the keys to effectively train your four legged friend.