What is the best pet air purifier? That depends on many factors like kind of pet, sources or type of pet odors, number of pets, budget, size of the pet area and other essential factors like serious allergies or odor and many others. Dander is the common cause of various pet odors and human allergies. Dander is composed of oils, particles, dead skin cells from animal’s skin, bits of fur/hair, small fecal particles, saliva, bacteria etc. When the dander becomes airborne, by itself or combined with dust, you often sense a smell in the pet's area, and if you have allergies, begin sneezing or have some allergic reaction. Smell, of course, also comes from a cat’s or dog’s feces or urine. And as hard as you clean, sometimes that smell lingers. This is where the air purifier is very essential.

So which pet air purifier is really the best for getting odor dander and dust particles? Read on.


Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5300-2 is a state of the art pet air purifier that unites all the normal utilities of a pet air purifier in a style which fits in any home. Aside from Hepa filter, this also utilizes a pre-filter that is carbon based that efficiently eliminates bigger particulates including fur. In automatic mode, this utilizes Smart Sensors that continuously assess the quality of air and make modifications to the settings. PlasmaWave Technology is one responsible for ionization, which makes both negative and positive ions to make plasma that is then mixed with water vapor in the atmosphere and kills pollutants.


  • PlasmaWave ionizer
  • Smart Sensors adjust automatically the settings based on the levels measured
  • Washable pre-filter

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GermGuardian AC4825

This pet air purifier works along with a HEPA filter in order to effectively get the allergens and dust in the atmosphere around you. So, this can be used not just for dander but for plant pollen and mold as well. You can utilize the charcoal filter to eliminate odors in a flash. It is ideal for medium sized rooms. This is easy to clean up and works so quietly as well.


  • Highly efficient filtration instrument
  • Able to capture 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants
  • 3-in-1 filter allows it to get rid of particles, germs, as well as bad smell from the atmosphere
  • HEPA filtration
  • Comes with UV light system suitable for destroying airborne viruses as well as bacteria
  • Uses carbon filter to get rid of smell and even smoke particles
  • Filters and UV-C bulb are replaceable
  • It comes with an indicator light that alerts you when replacement is needed
  • Efficient – made to consume low energy
  • Very quiet - the produced sound is tolerable as well as not disturbing

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The Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier

Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier uses a 99 percent HEPA filter, so you’re not just saving a considerable amount of money, but it also helps in cleaning the air. It comes with dual-replaceable zeo-lite filters that completely eliminate odors that might work well when you put it near your cat’s litter box. This purifier can work well in rooms measuring 140 square feet and utilizes a stable HEPA filter. So, replacement is not needed. This pet air purifier is ideal for dog, cats and other animals in view of the fact that it really cleans the air. This can work 24/7 without experiencing any problems.


  • This utilizes a stable 99 percent HEPA filter
  • It has dual-replaceable carbon zeolite filters
  • Ideal for dog owners, it expertly eliminates smells
  • Compact, handy and small design
  • Very affordable
  • Budget friendly due to the stable HEPA filter
  • Easy to clean HEPA filter

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It is very essential to only purchase the best pet air purifier to keep your room clean and free from bacteria. You can choose any of the products mentioned above as they are highly rated, very reliable and most of all very affordable.