You can give any kind of bed to your four legged friend, however if you really care about the comfort and health of your dog, then buying him an orthopedic bed is the best choice. This kind of bed is comfortable as it is soft and provides the best padding effect at the same time supporting your pet’s bones that he needs to have a good night sleep.

Things to Consider When Buying Orthopedic Dog Bed

An orthopedic dog bed is not cheap, most essentially when you are searching the most reliable one. That is why you will have to consider many essential factors prior to spending your money on a specific one so you will not end up purchasing a bed which is not appropriate for your pet’s need.


This is the most essential factor to consider. You will find that a lot of orthopedic beds out there are relatively big. This is simply because joint and hip issues are more common in bigger dogs. Ensure to buy a bed which is big enough to accommodate the long legs of your dog. You also need to consider the place you are planning to put the bed. If your four legged friend usually sleeps in his crate, then you will have to purchase a bed which will fit into that restricted space. In case he sleeps outside of the crate, choosing the appropriate size will be easier for you. Just ensure that it is not that big to hinder your way.


This is also an essential factor to consider. Without superior covers, the stuffing or foam inside will damage quickly, either by dust, dirt, water stains, mildew and mold. Your pet will be spending lots of his time on the bed, therefore when it grows dirt and mold inside, this can end up harming the wellbeing your dog. The best orthopedic dog bed comes with 2 coverings. One must be an interior water resistant case which keeps the mold, water stains, as well as mildew out. The other exterior cover must be a comfy duvet which repels minor blemishes like dog saliva and keeps him comfy and warm.


Superior orthopedic dog bed normally comes with 2 layers of mattresses; intended for comfort and for support. You may think that an orthopedic bed made totally of memory foam is the excellent one as it provides a higher level of comfort; however that is not the case for adult or older canines. An orthopedic dog bed also has to provide a solid and hard support as a bed which is too soft could be ruthless on the joints and hip. So, high quality dog bed normally must integrate a base layer of firm support and the top must be gel-infused memory foam.


A carefully planned dog bed should not just provide comfort. It must also provide you as a pet owner the tranquility and peace of mind. Even if you may feel good because at last your dog’s pain will be alleviated, still you keep on worrying on its maintenance. More old canines most of the time have pitiable bladder control. The bed will stink if you do not wash frequently and because of the amount of dirt or saliva which drips onto it. So make sure to buy a bed that so easy to wash, if possible machine-washable.


When it comes to durability, make sure to buy a bed that has a durable cover and foam. Cover’s durability is essential most especially when your dog wants to chew on furnishing. Also the cover has to be very strong to not tear under pressure so as to look after the foam inside. If cover tears and your canine reaches the foam, that is the start of deterioration of your bed. There is no way that foam, regardless of its quality, will be capable of surviving your dog’s sharp claws and teeth. You will know if the foam is durable because regardless of how heavy your dog is, the mattress will stay firm for at least many years of using.

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds on the Market Today

Now that you already know the factors to consider when buying an orthopedic bed, let us move onto the best options:


Serta Orthopedic Bed

Serta Orthopedic Bed is indeed a proof of the company’s commitment to offering a superior bed for dogs. Dogs with hip and joint issues often require a bed that is tougher and thicker. Soft beds will make it hard for the dog to go up and down and can worsen the pain. Filled with egg crate foam, this bed from Serta is the toughest orthopedic bed you will find today. This might not be the denser bed available, but tough enough to support the weight of your dog. The top is quilted that make sure your pet has a comfortable and warm place to relax and sleep in. It comes with zip-on cover that is machine-washable. This orthopedic bed is ideal for older canines which are likely to leak especially during sleeping time. This can be put anywhere and it will blend easily in your interior due to its classy design and color.


  • Very durable
  • Quilted top is very comfortable
  • Hard egg crate foam
  • Graceful design

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Eluxury Supply Orthopedic Dog Bed

This bed from Eluxury Supply has been collecting lots of good reviews and a reputation amongst dedicated pet owners which do a thorough study on the quality and specs of the product. The upper two inches are gel-enhanced memory foam which makes this bed hypoallergenic. This gets rid of the worry on harming your dog’s weaker immune system. On the crest of the 2 diverse mattress layers comes with water resistant encasement and a cover made of cotton fabric. Because the cover is made of cotton, it offers utmost comfort for your dog and suitable for you as it is machine washable.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • High-density support foundation that makes this bed firm as well as hard-wearing
  • One-inch denser than other orthopedic dog beds
  • Generous warranty

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Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a high quality bed. It is 7 inches thick that is denser than other orthopedic bed dogs available out there. It has 4 inches of H10 Comfort Foam, a type of foam usually utilized in costly and lavish human furniture. This makes this bed excellent. It has also 3 inches of H45 Support Foam that turns this bed into a higher level. This orthopedic bed has been tried utilizing pressure mapping sensors. This can accommodate heavier dogs without flattening for ten years. However, this bed is not ideal for smaller breed. This is too much powerful for a canine that is lighter than 50lbs.


  • Integrated with a headrest
  • Ten years warranty
  • Super thick
  • No direct force from the ground
  • It comes with easy to clean microfiber cover

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Orthopedic dog bed might not eliminate your dog’s pain and discomfort totally; however it will surely help soothe the pain and suffering of your dog. The best orthopedic dog bed available will last longer, and it can be the last thing your older dog will sleep on. For that reason, you must make certain to pay for the most excellent product for your beloved dog.