Do you experience restless nights due to the non-stop barking of your dog? There are many reliable training methods available at present that can help you keep your dog calm, but probably the best known and fast acting solution is using the best e collar for dogs.

What is an E-Collar for Dog?

The term e-collar is a word used to illustrate collars for training dogs which deliver electric shock of different level of intensity to dog’s neck through a radio-controlled electronic mechanism integrated into the collar. Some e-collars come with a vibration or tone setting, as a substitute to or along with the shock.

Some are integrated with GPS to find the exact location of the dog and alert the owners of his or her position.

How to Use E-Collar?

An e-collar can be utilized to stop many diverse types of dog’s misbehaviors like jumping on visitors or furniture, chewing on things, digging holes and many others.

It is essential that the transmitter is always behind you at all times so you can manage shock right away when the dog misbehaves. It’s essential that you setup the shock at the lowest level so you don’t convey too much energy or electricity to the collar. If your dog is not responsive to the low level of shock, then it is time to increase the level of shock on the collar.

If your dog starts to panic or becomes very loud after being shocked, chances are you set the level of shock too high. In this case, ensure to reduce it. You want to discipline your dog, not to harm your pet. It is imperative that the e- collar be used to amend misbehavior. Biting and attacking others is something that you’ll not correct with an electronic collar.

Top 3 e-Collars for Dogs Available

There are myriads of e-collar for dogs available out there, which makes hard for you to choose the best one. Worry no more because listed below are the top 3 e-collar for dogs you can buy.


1. Garmin Delta XC Bundle

If you are looking for an affordable e-collar or your dog, look no further than Garmin Delta XC Bundle. This can be utilized on up to three dogs and has three correction configurations for extensive behavioral problems. With an aptitude of ½ mile and eighteen levels of quick and constant stimulation, and a vibration and tone feature, Garmin Delta XC Bundle must be on the top of your list. It has waterproof and durable remote with three buttons and comes with a lanyard so you can easily carry it around your neck.


  • Very affordable, yet equipped with state of the art features
  • Can be utilized on up to three dogs
  • Remote control is durable, waterproof and has three buttons
  • ½ mile capacity


  • It only has eighteen stages of stimulation
  • Some customers’ complaint of getting an item that doesn’t work or suddenly stop working after a couple of days.

But the company offers a warranty on their products so you can change the product.

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2. Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System

This is one of the best e-collar for dogs available that you can consider for your four legged friend. The state of the art Dogtra ARC can be utilized for up to 2 dogs for every device. This is ideal for small dogs with soft to medium personalities. This e-collar for dogs is compact, making it comfy to wear around your dog’s neck. It has slim but a bit curved wireless remote that allows you to train your dog discretely in public. This e-collar offers a constant stimulation so you can choose a level of shock based on specific circumstances and preferences. It is integrated with pager/vibration setting to easily get the attention of your puppy. What makes this e-collar apart from the rest is that it has 127 levels of inert and static correction, which allows you to add or lessen the level of shock your dog gets.

Compared to other e-collars out there, Dogtra ARC is expensive. However, this is due to its amazing features such as, a range capacity of 3/4, waterproof and battery full charge easily. The remote control has a display which shows the level of stimulation being provided and the life of battery left.


There are many good reasons why a lot of dog owners love this e-collar such as:

  • It is integrated with 127 levels of stimulation
  • Remote control has a clear LCD display which shows how long the life of battery left and the level of stimulation as well.
  • It can be utilized on up to two dogs for every device this allows you to save money from buying another unit.
  • It has range capacity of ¾ mile
  • This e-collar is made discreetly


Despite of the many benefits this unit offers, it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

  • Can just be used on pets weighing 15 pounds
  • It only ideal for dogs with low to moderate personalities
  • You might forget to switch off the collar after using due to confusing remote design.

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3. SportDOG FieldTrainer 425

The SportDOG Field Trainer 425 is considered one of the most innovative e-collars available out there for your dog. It is equipped with seven levels of low to average stimulation. It can be utilized on dogs that weigh eight pounds or more. Only weigh 3.3.ounches, this is one of the super lightweight e-collar for dogs. This can be soaked up in water of up to 25 feet. It comes with a durable strap that allows you to tie it to perfectly fit on the neck of your dog. You can use the remote control from up to 500 yards far from your beleaguer, and what is more it can be used for up to 3 dogs.

A lot of customers love this product due to its amazing features like powerful charge; the e-collar could last from four to eight days of use. One disgruntled customer reported that the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 doesn’t send out signals up to 500 yards. This issue can be addressed by means of calling the customer hotline service for possible solutions and modifications.


A lot of pet owners love this unit as it offers them many benefits such as:

  • Super lightweight
  • Waterproof, it can be soaked up in water of 25 feet deep
  • It comes with a DVD guide and a training manual
  • It is integrated with tone feature


Despite of the many benefits this e-collar offers, it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

  • Low to medium stimulation may not effective for stubborn dogs
  • This only works on 300 yards away, contrary to 500 yards according to manufacturers
  • Some dog complaints of battery malfunction after weeks of using.

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When it comes to training your dog, shock collars or popularly known as e-collar can be an efficient and most reliable tool. On the other hand, they should be used correctly and safely if you are going to train your four legged dog with them. The products mentioned above are just some of the best rated e-collars accessible when it comes to features, capability, capacity range as well as price. These e-collars are also designed to benefit you and your dog in many ways.