Dogs like humans also suffer from mouth diseases. Report released by the American Veterinary Dental Society shows that over 80 percent of dogs experience from periodontal illness. This is an extremely serious gum issue and could lead to gingivitis resulting in many medical issues. Make sure to pay attention to your dog’s dental health by using the best dog toothbrush.


Professional Dog Toothbrush and Cat Toothbrush by H&H Pets 

best dog toothbrush

This dog finger toothbrush from H&H Pets is professionally made to enhance the dental wellbeing of your canine. This is made from high quality materials, making sure your dog’s safety and health. It has soft bristles to efficiently clean teeth without harm. Using this toothbrush on a daily basis, you’ll help your dog reduce dental issues like tartar and plaque.

Not like most toothbrushes for dogs available out there, with flat bristles, H&H Pets professional dog toothbrush is scientifically made to have a bend profile for easier and better cleaning. This amazing design also helps clean hard to reach areas as well as to adapt diver gum area. Each toothbrush has a ¾ inches diameter opening. With the use of this well-made finger toothbrush for your dogs, you’ll help your canine friend significantly lessen dental issues like tartar and plaque.


  • Scientifically made bend profile for better and precise cleaning
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Soft bristles to keep your dog’s sensitive gum unharmed

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Triple Pet EZ Dog Toothbrush

If your four legged friend has rotting gums or stinky breath, it is time to begin brushing his teeth using one of the best dog toothbrush, the Triple Pet EZ Dog Toothbrush. There are many good reasons why this toothbrush is included in this review such as it has easy to utilize handle which makes it simpler to brush through the most difficult teeth. It is very essential to pay attention to the dental health of your dog. It is a vital step in keeping with the general wellbeing of your canine friend. Brushing your dog on a daily basis can ward off gum disease , stinky smell and mouth infections. For a stress free brushing experience, try the Triple Pet EZ Dog toothbrush. This will keep your dog’s breath fresh and his overall health as well. Triple Pet EZ toothbrush is available for large and small dog.


  • 3 independent and flexible tooth brush heads
  • The EZ Dog toothbrush cleans all corners of your pet’s gums and teeth with single stroke
  • It comes with a cleaner for your dog’s tongue at the base of the handle. This helps get rid of bad breath
  • It comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle and so easy use although your dog tends to move around
  • This keep your dog healthy through brushing away, bad dog breath, mouth infections and gum diseases with this user-friendly dog toothbrush

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Dog toothbrush, Double-sided soft rubber gentle dental brushes kit with long curved handle

This is also one of the best dog toothbrushes available today. It comes with soft bristles which massage dogs gum while eliminating tartar and plaque. This also lessens the risk of gum and teeth diseases and keeps your dog’s breath fresher. It comes with dual-sided and silicone design; the brushes have diverse thickness for diverse portions of teeth. The handle is long and curved and measures 5.7 inches that easily fit the curve of your dog’s gum and can clean hard to reach spots.


  • Ideal for dogs, cats and many types of pet
  • Effectively brush away bad breath, gum disease as well as mouth infections.

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Having a dog comes with a responsibility. One of them is to ensure their utmost dental health. You can keep your dog’s dental hygiene with the help of the best dog toothbrush reviewed above.