Dogs with short hair might not suffer from so many tangles or mats. However, still you need to brush your dog on a regular basis in order to eliminate debris and dust which gather on their coat in order to keep it from looking shiny and beautiful. Brushing on a regular basis also help to eliminate shed furs, leaving your floor clean and tidy. On the other hand, so as to obtain the most excellent results, it is essential for you to buy a brush which is specifically made for dogs with short hair. If you are looking for the best brush for short hair dogs, below you will find it.


Conair Bristle Brush

If you are searching for a small, lightweight yet very effective brush for short-haired dogs, your search is over because Conair Bristle Brush is here for you. This is a super lightweight, undersized, oval-shaped comb made to fit contentedly in your hand. The design of this brush will likely minimize the level of stress you feel while grooming your dog’s coat. It is also easier to hold, ideal for dog owners suffering from arthritis.

It comes equipped with essential features such as bristles are completed from a 50-50 mixtures of boar hair and artificial bristles. It only weighs 1.6oz, which make so simple to grip during long grooming session.


  • A lot of dog owners who already tried this brush were very happy of what they found out. Most of them specifically mentioned the rigidity of the bristles; they were not too soft or too stiff.
  • It is available for a very reasonable price

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K9Connection 2 in 1 Bristle and Pin Brush

This is one of the best brushes for short haired dogs available in the market today. This 2 in 1 comb comes with bristles on one part use for grooming short haired dogs and the other part is a pin brush ideal for grooming dogs with long hair. On the other hand, this brush is not the typical double sided comb for dogs and it is integrated with many diverse innovative features to make sure your pet is comfortable and clean. It comes equipped with essential features such as round tipped spikes that will scratch the sensitive skin of your dog. It is integrated with a ventilation hole that allows the pin to bend and move to contour to the body of your pet. It is also integrated with a comfy, anti-slip handle.


  • A lot of pet owners that already tried K9 Connection Bristle & Pin Brush were gals with their procurement. They say that this brush really works great for dogs with short-haired and the spikes were soft and safe for dog’s sensitive skin.
  • This is very reasonable yet durable

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LA Beauty Labs Boar Bristle Brush

If you are looking for the best brush for dogs with short-hair, LA Beauty Labs Boar Bristle Brush might be the best option. This product was made keeping in mind the comfort and safety of your dog. This is made of natural boar bristles that will not hurt your dog’s skin not like some combs available out there with low quality bristle. It has boar bristles which are gentle on dog’s skin. It comes with a 25 inch long handle is made of wood and provides a safe and very comfortable grip. This is made in Russia by a company with decades of experience.


  • Provides comfortable grip
  • Natural boar bristles that avoid harming your dog’s skin

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The most reliable and effective you can take to make your dog healthy and happy all the time is through brushing him most often. But, make sure to buy a brush according to his specific needs. If your dog’s hair is short, then you need to get one perfect for this kind of hair. Pick a grooming accessory which is intended for your type of dog.