How to pick the best bearded dragon substrate? This is actually one of the most commonly asked questions today. There are lots of substrates in the market these days that you can use for your bearded dragon. It can be found easily online. A lot of bearded dragon owners are getting puzzled with the wide selections of bedding or substrate.

How to Choose the Best Substrates for your Bearded Dragon

There are lots of factors to consider in picking the right substrate for your bearded dragon that includes price, maintenance, the availability of stocks, materials and many others. It is very essential for you to take time to know these factors because this helps you in getting the right substrate that will work best for your bearded dragon. In case, you are not familiar with what product to buy, here are the top 3 best bearded dragon substrate product reviews:


1. Zilla Terrarium Liners

Choose Zilla Terrarium Liners if you want a safe, healthy and fresh bearded dragon habitat. This comes in brown or green mat. It can also be cut to fit the size you want. It is made of non-abrasive, absorbent material that will not irritate the feet of your pet. What is more, the Zilla Terrarium Liners are treated with biodegradable enzyme which lessens reptile smells. It is also easy to clean, just rinse with tap water and let it dry and ready to use again. Perfect for starter kit, this bearded dragon substrate is fuss-free for your pets and pet owners as well.


  • Safe, healthy and fresh substrate for your bearded dragon
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fuss free for pets and owners as well

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2. Zilla Ground English Walnut Shells Desert Blend

This is one of the best substrate for bearded dragon that allows you to recreate a lizard desert habitat with stunning, 100 percent natural ground walnut shell. This bedding is ground to an even size, thus offers comfortable habitat for desert-dwelling dragons by means of retaining heat. This is not just perfect for bearded dragons, but also ideal for Monitors, Skinks as well as Uromastyx. The material used in making this product is 100 percent made in the US and could be readily composed with yard waste on a daily basis.


  • Superb heat conductor
  • Makes a natural as well as stunning desert environment
  • Stimulates natural burrowing and digging behavior

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3. EXo Terra Sand Mat

Are looking for a natural dessert look substrate that can also be used as hygienic and safe substrate alternative for your bearded dragon? Your search is over because EXO Terra Sand Mat is here for you. Because it is a sand mat, it allows you to make a desert-like setting with the least amount of bacteria build up. Not like soil and loose sand, EXO Terra Sand Mat can’t be ingested by mistake. The texture allows your bearded dragon to have a hard and compact feel on the bedding, boosting the sense of comfort and safety of your reptile. Hygienic, sturdy, as well as easy to remove, this substrate from EXO Terra is user-friendly and can also be cut to suit the size of your vivarium.

Just rinse clean if soiled or replace as needed.


  • Offers a natural habitat
  • Sand mat
  • Hygienic and safe substrate
  • Easy to clean, place and remove

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You might have tried many options and chose the one that suits you best in terms of maintenance, price and how well the lizard lives with it. Provided the fact that your bearded dragon lives comfortably and happily, you must stick with these or try to find some other options.