Bearded dragons make a fantastic home pet but it is essential that you get the appropriate equipment for them to survive and have a happy and comfortable life. The more relaxing and pleasant you make their habitat, the more thrilled and excited they are to see their master. Bearded dragon setup is highly recommended in order to give your dragon a safe and relaxed place to live in.

This will keep them happy and for sure they will live for a longer time.

The Bearded Dragon Setup has to be Any Mini-Ecosystem

When making or maybe producing the dragons attentive settings, it should be made in a way that it efficiently resemble an ecosystem where your pet might reside as normally as they can. What is more, it needs to be able to reproduce many bearded dragons organic home. The actual bearded dragon setup is really a far more specific as opposed with hamster or bunny crate. When it comes to its dwelling the weather is required to keep them healthy and live longer as well.

How to Choose Bearded Dragon Setup

If you are hunting for a bearded dragon setup, keep in mind that there is a full array of diverse types, sizes, colors and designs to select from. There are some really cool built setup especially made with the bearded dragon in mind, and they are not really that costly if you think that they could doubtless be in your home for no less than ten years.

bearded dragon setup

  • A good number of setups for your bearded dragon will also mean double amazing pieces of furnishing, extreme the same to a fish tank, and will find leading position in various areas around your home. When decorated and setup in the most excellent way, it’s sure to become a debating point amongst your pals and visitors. Bearded dragons start out life small but grow up to 2 feet long, therefore a bearded dragon setup that is huge enough to handle them moving around without hitting walls and ceiling is very essential.
  • Ideally, the bearded dragon setups will be about 3 feet long, 18 inches wide and 16 inches high. It will have a hinged lid so you can gain fast access for cleaning and feeding, or sliding glass doors located in the front of the setup for a similar accessibility. Lighting is also very essential for bearded dragon in order to strive very well. However, when it comes to lighting, it must consists of an incandescent heat lamp and fluorescent tube light for keeping temperature or heat control and at the same time offering a relaxing place for your dragon. Your bearded dragon will be more comfortable and happy in his new habitat.
  • Stuff such as rocks for luxuriating, logs for climbing, branches and ornamental plants for hiding under, and even natural looking settings which will provide your pet a home, the feel and look of a natural environment.
  • Heating is very essential, and under tank heating pads must be utilized to keep a sustained temperature range acceptable for good digestion, healthy expansion as well as general wellbeing. Clean water must be given, with a food dish as well as insect bowl. Never forget to keep the setup clean and tidy at every point.
  • You have to eliminate that is clearly not intended to be present on a daily basis, and once a week gives the whole setup a clear out.
  • A feeling of safety and refuge should be given to your bearded dragon through making sure the bearded dragon setup you have, are fitted out with hiding places, because all types of reptiles like to cover when the instant calls for it.

Some bearded dragon setup does not hold heat. This is the reason why it is essential to choose the right setup for your bearded dragon. Ensure that it has essential features needed to keep your bearded dragon at ease and high spirits. Below is the top 3 bearded dragon setup available today online.

Read this top 3 best bearded dragon setup review to determine which one is ideal for you.


Reptile Habitat Setup Aquarium Tank Kit by Easy2Find

This is one of the best setup for a bearded dragon that has a capacity of 10 gallon. This reptile habitat setup is made of a combination of glass and plastic materials. Packages takes account of water filter, environment platform with hiding steps and holes, it also comes with heating light bulb. Food is also included. Locking lid helps you keep your dragon inside.


  • Made of durable materials
  • 10 gallon tank ideal for small bearded dragons
  • Packed with many essential accessories
  • It included everything you needed to setup a perfect home for your bearded dragon

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EXO Terra Desert Habitat Kit

This bearded dragon setup is the perfect setup for novice herpetoculturist. This unit is integrated with all the accessories needed to give your bearded dragon habitat a good start. It has front door openings, which allow you fast access for cleaning and feeding your pet. The integrated full screen top permits UVB rays from the compacted fluorescent lighting system to go deep into the setup. It comes with a wide canopy.


  • Full glass setup perfect for medium sizes bearded dragon and other types of reptiles.
  • Two front doors that keep your dragon friend inside
  • Exceptional front window ventilation
  • Compact lighting system
  • It comes with all needed decoration stuff, water dish, substrate, rock outcrop, hiding cave, plant as well as a guide on proper maintenance of your reptile.

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ZooMed RepHabitat Bearded Dragon

Make a relaxing and comfortable setup for your beloved bearded dragon with this ZooMed RepHabitat Bearded Dragon Kit. It has the whole thing needed to provide your cute friend a comfortable and relaxing space, which takes account of UV lighting, dual-temperature or humidity gauge that helps sustain the warmth or temperature of the setup, sand bedding as well as food samples, making sure a wholesome diet.

It comes with dual custom screen top that offered fast access to cleaning and maintenance and keep your friend safe and sound inside. It comes equipped with a huge combo lamp fixture, Repti Basking Spot Lamp, Reptisun 10.0, compact UVB fluorescent bulb and reptisand 12 lb. bag of providing dual temperature habitat. It also comes with a water dish, guide on how to take good care of your bearded dragon, fruit mix and Can O Worms and many other essential stuff. This bearded dragon setup is intended for big or huge bearded dragon.


  • Comes equipped with essential accessories
  • High quality bearded dragon
  • Comfortable and relaxing for your bearded dragon
  • Very sturdy yet very reasonable dragon setup

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Bearded dragon setup plays a very essential role in keeping your bearded dragon pet happy, provided the fact that you find the best one. There are lots of factors to consider when looking for a bearded dragon setup. On the other hand, the most important thing is that it meets the needs of your beloved dragon. Hoping this bearded dragon setup review will assists you in choosing the most excellent one.