Bearded dragons require special lighting in order to maintain the proper functioning of their digestive system. It is essential that you give them the right kind of light not only for warmth but to keep them healthy too. This type of lizard loves sunlight and needs direct exposure to light. Besides a fluorescent light, bearded dragon also require a UVB light which will assist them to produce vitamin D3 helping them to generate calcium to have stronger bones. Failure to give your bearded dragon the UVB could cause serious bone deficiency and lots of health issues as well. To give them the right UVB exposure, you must have a fluorescent fixture which runs the length of the tank. Through giving you bearded dragon lighting, this will ensure that he or she is healthier, will eat well and will be more active. Here is the top 3 best bearded dragon lighting to consider:


1. Zoo Med Desert UVB and Heat Lighting Kit Desert

bearded dragon lighting

This bearded dragon lighting kit comes with mini combo deep dome with 2 ceramic sockets that can be utilized with lamps. The integrated dual on and off switches offer amazing convenience and it has exceptional patented dual reflector which focuses 35 percent more light and heat into tight beam. This lighting system is ideal for small terrarium dessert amphibians and reptiles and it offers UVA, UVB as well as visible light in a small handy lamp thirteen watts.

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2. Zoo Med Repti Sun

Zoo Med Repti Sun is indeed one of the most sought after lighting for bearded dragon available. It has lots of amazing features not common to other bearded dragon lighting. It is an extremely recommended option for pet owners who want to ensure that their dragons get the vitamin D they require. Their bones will certainly appreciate most essentially as you will not force to give your beardi any vitamin from synthetic or artificial source.

This lighting system can be used from 6 to 12 months. Some recommend changing each for at least every six months. It has stronger UVB output than other lighting products available. It is very reasonable compared to other full spectrum light which is not particularly intended for lizards like a bearded dragon that has exceptional needs. Given that this bearded dragon lighting is available in diverse sizes, you can get the perfect one for the sizes of tank you have. In general, a lot of bearded dragon owners are happy with this product.

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3. Zilla Halogen Mini Dome

If you are searching for a bearded dragon lighting that offers a convenient substitute for big domes, Zilla Halogen Mini Dome is the perfect choice. Because this lighting is small, it only takes a small space on a tank or terrarium top. In spite of its small size, the Zilla Halogen Mini Dome still packs a very powerful light and heat that your pet needs. Every product is integrated with a reflective aluminum internal which focuses daytime heat as well as visible light to make the perfect basking spot for your reptile. It also comes with enclosed mounting spring clip that can be utilized to secure the mini dome on the screen top- eliminating the need to move the fixture when cleaning the terrarium. Six feet power cables with switch on/off button are included. Zilla Halogen Mini Dome comes in 3 variations to select from such as Day Blue, Day White as well as Night Red.

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In general, it does not matter which lighting system you buy or use as the source of light; the most important thing is that you include at least one UVB light for the bearded dragon terrarium.