Bearded Dragon can make a superb addition to any family most especially when you have kids. However, Bearded Dragons do come with accountability too. They require nutritious foods and proper exercise. It is also important to introduce your beardie to the outside world, however make sure that your practice safety measure to keep your pet safe and sound. A leash can help you a lot in keeping your dragon safe. Dragon leash is a safe means to enjoy the outside world with your pet and for him to get some needed UV rays.

You have to ensure you purchase a leash which has specifically been made for bearded dragon.

How to Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Leash

Your Bearded Dragon Must Be At Ease: Don’t you think beardie will enjoy wearing that leash around his neck? It is not easy to understand the feeling of your pet. However, there is a way to know this, after putting on harness or leash. When the pet is able to move his front legs, neck as well as run with no issue then using a dragon leash is just fine.

  • The Leash Must Be Adjustable: Adjustable leash help your bearded dragon feel more at ease and comfortable.
  • It Must Be Affordable, Durable and Easy to Put: The leash must stand with dragon’s teeth, durable but not stiff to dupe their scales.

Here is the review of the best bearded dragon leash available today:


T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded Dragon

If you have young and small bearded dragons and you are looking for a perfect leash, the T-Rex Comfort Leash might be the best option for you. This bearded dragon leash or harness is made of high quality leather materials. The cord is so easy to turn and adjustable which conveniently meet your need. This is unique as it includes a yoke. Your pet will be comfortable wearing this leash. This leash is also appropriate for many kinds of reptile such as iguanas, tegus, geckos, anoles, monitors as well as swifts.


  • Soft leather leash
  • Easy to put on
  • Keep your bearded dragon comfortable and at ease

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Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness

Made by My Reptile Rocks, this leash for bearded dragon looks very simple. It is adjustable and can fit bearded dragon in spite of age and size. Touted as the simplest harness available, this Adjustable Reptile Leash really works. It provides lots of lengths to select from. It is lightweight and very durable as well. All in all, you do not have to worry about length and sizing if you buy this product.


  • Hard wearing
  • Very fashionable

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Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness Great for Reptiles or Small Pets 100% Adjustable One Size Fits Most

This adjustable bearded dragon leash help you take your pet anywhere without the fret of getting them away. This is best for an wide variety of sizes. Worry no more about fighting trying to get legs in small holes as this leash so easy to get on, very lightweight and comfortable. This leash works very well when taking dragon out. This is also ideal for ferrets, Guinea pigs as well as small pets that require constant supervision.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable

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These bearded dragon leashes seem like accessories that stand with your beardie for a very long time. They provide convenience, comfort and very fashionable as well. If you have young and small beardie you might consider the T-Rex, but if you want an adjustable leash to suit any size of bearded dragon Adjustable Reptile Leash is the best option.