Bearded dragons are cute small creatures which make wonderful pets, therefore if you have chosen to this pet at home; you need to ensure you have all the preparations complete prior to bringing this creature at home. Beardies as they are fondly referred to, have turned out to be one of the most popular pets recently. They adapt well in families because of their friendly nature most essentially with the young enthusiasts. Your dragon has exceptional needs to be met in order to keep them happy and healthy. Bearded dragon habitat is one consideration that you need to keep in mind. Below is a list of high quality choices of bearded dragon habitats that are certain to keep your friend in a right condition. Here is the review of the best bearded dragon habitat available.


Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium

EXO Terra offers a wide variety of options with regards to bearded dragon habitat. Because this pet is a decent size, you will want to ensure you have a habitat with lots of space for your friend to crawl and grow. EXO Terra All Glass Terrarium was made by herpetologists based in Europe. This is a 40 gallon tank that surely meets your reptile habitat need. It has two front facing doors that allow for easy opening and feeding your dragon.


  • Comes with lock to avoid bearded dragon from escaping
  • Very sturdy and tough
  • UVB penetration enabled

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Atasuki Reptile Tank

Atasuki has made this habitat to be the best place for a bearded dragon and other types of reptiles. Made of durable glass, this very versatile bearded dragon habitat comes with a sliding door for fast and optimal accessibility. It is integrated with latch on the doors, so pet owners are assured that their dragons are safe and sound. It is also equipped with a removable screen top that provides additional access to your dragons and it is a beautiful oasis for maintenance and feeding. The built-in locking screen at the top offers the ventilation as well as fresh air. This bearded dragon habitat provides a safe and convenient place that you can personalize to suit the needs of your beardie.


  • Perfect for amphibians, insects and reptiles
  • Durable and superior glass construction- made to last
  • It has sliding doors armed with safety latch for the safety of your dragon

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Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium 20L

If you are looking for a habitat that is perfect for young reptile, then the Carolina Custom Cage’s Reptile Starter Terrarium is the best option. It has good features as well as many amenities which are certain to impress your cute friend. This is intended for the first stage of your reptile’s life. Aside from being solid, it also comes with reptile care stuff that saves you a considerable amount of money if you buy this product.


  • Easy to remove mesh top
  • Easy to install and it comes with a halogen reptile basking bulb and fluorescent tube which are both adjustable
  • Very reasonable

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Considering a bearded dragon as your pet is a huge responsibility. Like other home pets, they are very reliant on their masters for the right care so as to keep healthy and happy. Not like dogs or cats that live freely in your home, bearded dragon spends almost of their time in a cage. Therefore, it is highly advisable to choose only the best habitat for them. Make sure it is equipped with essential features beneficial for them. This review will help you choose the right bearded dragon habitat available on the market today.