Feeding your bearded dragon is quite simple and easy. But, you certainly want to assure that you’re feeding the right types of bearded dragon food to your bearded dragon. You should also make sure that your bearded dragon is getting enough amounts of calcium and other essential nutrients to help them obtain strong bones and avoid nutrient or mineral deficiencies. Bearded dragon has a decent appetite and is not a picky eater; however there are many foods you must never give your pet as even a single serving can cause fatal reactions.

While it’s fine to give your bearded dragon insects, you must not give him a firefly for any reason whatsoever.

This insect has a chemical that can kill your bearded dragon. Other foods, while not instantly toxic can result in a chain of events which can cause harm to your pet. Foods with hard shells don't move in your pet’s digestive system and end up to impaction. This happens once the food gets stuck. So, what is the best bearded dragon food? Read on to know.


1. Zoo Med Adult Bearded Dragon Food 283g

bearded dragon food

This bearded dragon food from Zoo Med will surely help keep your pet’s health in a good condition. This is packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Every formula has been made keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of your bearded dragon. The precise ratios of fiber, calcium and protein make up this food; this is formulated for the long term wellbeing of adult bearded dragons. Your pet will love the tasty Dandelion Greens as well as other food plants which make up this dragon food, most essentially when combined with Can O Mini Mealies and Can O Mini Crickets from Zoo Med. This food for bearded dragon doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial colors, as well as flavorings.

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2. Nature Zone Bites for Bearded Dragons, Soft Moist Food, 24-Ounce

One of the best bearded dragon food, Nature Zone Bites is moist, soft, and ready to eat. The red color and bristly pear cactus scene and flavor will attract the attention of your dragon. This bearded dragon food is cut into bite-sized making them easy and convenient to eat by your pet. Every bite has more than fifty amino acids, come from soy and whey proteins, minerals and vitamins as well as calcium. Unique formula features carbs, soy and whey proteins as well as soluble calcium lactate for a faster and easier digestion. It has solid ratio of natural water that mimics wild insects and leafy vegetables. This is available in 1 gallon, 90z and 2 oz as well. Hue or color may vary.

This product is made in the USA.

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3. Exo Terra Soft Pellets Adult Bearded Dragon Food, 250 g


If you are looking for food for your bearded dragon that is both delicious and nutritious, look no further than Exo Terra Soft Pellets. This adult dragon food is carefully made to make sure proper development as well as healthy body through offering balanced and complete nutrition. This food has fruit and natural plant ingredients and offers the complete nutrition they need on a daily basis. Exo Terra Bearded Dragon is packed with high levels of minerals, Vitamins, as well as amino acids so giving food supplements to your pet are not necessary.

This food is easy to administer. Feed each morning enough amount of food than your pet can consume in a day.

Get rid of leftover food and make sure to clean the bowl each day. Give your dragon a separate drinking and feeding station for every individual pet housed in the same pen. Have clean and fresh water available all the time.

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Owning a bearded dragon means you need to be extra careful not to accidentally harm your pet by means of giving food that can ruin their health. Protect your bearded dragon from unintentional mistakes through giving them nutritious food like the ones listed above.