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Many research studies have revealed that having a pet could add years to your life. A pet is a friend, a buddy or companion and an unconditional lover. A lot of people have the choices, but for those who don’t, this article can assist you in choosing the best type of pet you want, and give you tips on how to take good care of them and what best habitat that suits them.

Best Lizards Pets

If you are planning to get a reptile as a pet, you carefully need to study diverse species in order to get the best one suitable for you. You have to consider the dietary need, temperament, age, lifespan of most importantly the habitat. Some reptiles enjoy being handled while some don’t; some even aren’t the perfect choices when you have kids at home. Here are the top 3 breeds of reptiles that you can consider as pet. They are harmless, safe for kids and easy to maintain as well.

Leopard Gecko

If you wanted to enjoy taking care of a low maintenance and low cost pet – consider the leopard gecko. This interesting pet eats less compared to a cat or a dog and the best part is that you don't have to clean it most often or walk it in the playing field. Unlike other reptiles out there, you do not need an expensive and intricate cage to keep it in, and its diet composes of just 50 crickets for the entire week. However, special diet is highly recommended. Talk about cost efficiency. Geckos are hypo-allergenic pets, meaning they are ideal for kids or loved ones who have allergies. They can let it creep all over the house and they could have a blast with this amazing pet.

Bearded Dragon

This is perhaps the most common types of lizards for reptile fanatics, both skilled and novice keepers. This pet can live a healthy and longer life. Popularly called as Beardie, this pet has a nice disposition which makes them an ideal pet. Native to Australia, and its native setting could be duplicated with specific kinds of full spectrum lighting and basking light. They can be contentedly housed in a kind of plastic or glass terrarium which would effortlessly fit in the average space. Bearded dragons are omnivores. This pet loves to eat specific kinds of insects and vegetables. So while you’ll still have to use insects as their food, you can supplement it with vegetables. Thus minimizes the level of complexity with regards to feeding.


Chameleon is the most exceptional of all lizards/reptiles, and is really marvelous animals to care for. They are very popular due to their capability to change color. A young chameleon is usually a brown or dull gray color and could change colors a little bit. At approximately 5 months, the adult color and the capability to change hues develops and an array of colors such as blue green, green, black and turquoise can be seen.

How to Take Good Care Lizards

Taking care of lizards are quite easy, most essentially if you know what to feed and keep them happy. When it comes to nutrition, there are commercially accessible diets intended for your reptiles. But you have to make sure that when buying a ready-made for your reptile it should contain needed nutrients in order to thrive. What needs effort however is setting up your pet’s specific place in the house that would be his cage. There are lots of terrarium for lizards out there, but prior to buy make sure to know your pets needs inside his home. It is essential for your reptile pet to have a piece of his natural home inside his cage. Hence, you must choose a cage which is huge enough to accommodate items like small plants, stone, pebbles and the soil, because these serve as his appliances and furniture inside his own cage.

Here are the top 3 best vivarium to consider for your reptile friend:


Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit with Mini Halogen Lighting

This a tall cage for reptile specially made for arboreal animals which live in trees- a perfect habitat for small tropical amphibians and reptiles like chameleon and leopard geckos. The base is able to hold water and it comes with textured background decoration, feeding dish and substrate. It has mini Halogen Dome with light bulb perfect that offers pinpointed light as well as heat, which is effective than a typical incandescent bulb. To keep your pet secure and safe, front door is equipped with a locking latch and pin for additional safety. It comes with a hinge top, offering access from the top and front of the terrarium. Check on Amazon

Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit
This is accessible in 3 choices such as snake, leopard gecko and bearded dragon. This was created by utilizing existing market data as well as care requirements. It features packaging particularly intended for every species. It comes with sliding screen top. It comes with a 10 gallon sand mat, substrate heater, analog thermometer, day and night LED fixture, easy to clean water bowl, hide cave and care guide. Check on Amazon

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

This is a remarkable starter for chameleon pets, leopard gecko and a bearded dragon. It has cage carpet, naturalistic vine and plant, digital thermometer and tropical Lighting Kit with UVB, a Reptisafe sample. Check on Amazon

Best Snake Pets

Are you considering getting a snake for a pet? To a lot of people, a snake is scary but to others they are amongst the most attractive creatures. A lot of people wish to have a snake for a pet but not aware which species of snakes will be the best for them. Here is the list of the best type of snake to consider as a home pet.

Corn Snake

This snake is recognized as one of the most excellent pet snakes for beginners. They are comparatively small, three to five feet long, and they are extremely hardy. They aren’t fussy eaters and will eat frozen mice that make feeding this creature very easy. An enclosure for housing corn snake doesn’t need to be extremely complicated or large. The fact that corn snakes are rough and will bear mistakes and violent handling, make corn snake a good pet for somebody who might not know a lot on caring for a snake.

Ball Pythons

This kind of snake is passive and friendly. They do not grow extremely large making them the best option for a small area. Male Ball python will average three to five feet long with a male specie averaging two to three feet. This type of snake, is so easy to care for and do not mind being handled. Ball pythons typically feed on rats and mice and kill their prey through constricting and suffocating, however it is best to feed them frozen food instead of live ones. Soon to be ball python owners who are easily offended about feeding this snake with live animals will appreciate this..

King Snake

A king snake is also one of the best pet snakes for collectors because of their many diverse colors and patterns. King snakes are docile and so easy to handle. They develop to between two and four feet, so they are capable of living in a smaller enclosure than many other types of snakes. King snakes eat roughly anything living thing that is smaller than them. They are well-known for eating toxic snakes. They are extremely easy to care for, strong as well as non-aggressive toward human beings. King snakes are not fastidious eaters and will eagerly eat frozen rats or mice.

How to Take Good Care Snake Pets

The snake needs some form of cage or terrarium in order to thrive well. Opposed to what other reptiles favor, reptiles do well in a small environment. Larger homes can make these reptiles anxious. Snakes are carnivores in nature, and normally choose their food whole. A lot of snakes eat mice and rats, however others eat other reptiles too, and even huge insects. Like other pets, snakes need terrarium or cage in order to thrive. There are many types of snake terrarium available, but 3 of the most popular ones are:

KolleyCraft Reptile Habitat

A five gallon reptile terrarium which stands out due to its shape that offers a good viewing. It measures 10 by 19 by 12 that lends itself very well to a small snake. This terrarium is extremely hardwearing. The top screen is made from durable metal and other parts are made from highly resistant acrylic that is perfect if you have kids playing and running around it. Check on Amazon

Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 with Light and Heat

This is a perfect terrarium for tropical dwelling reptiles. This 10 gal terrarium is made of high quality glass material with fresh air screen cover. It also comes with 5.5 inches reflective dome light furnishing with day blue light bulb. This is delivered in reinforced packaging so as to keep the product safe and sound. Check on Amazon

Oiibo Knock Down Glass Reptile Terrarium

This snake terrarium is made of durable glass to boost the transparency; it could provide you a remarkable visual experience. It has top frame made of aluminum to avoid rusting. The metal gauze screen top offers well ventilation. Also it is detachable to assist you adjust some decors in it. This café is appropriate for diverse types of reptiles and amphibians. The top frame keeps fresh air flowing. Its dual opening door style makes the maintenance as well as feeding easier and convenient, thus avoid the risk of harming your pets. Check on Amazon

Best Fish Pet

Fish are pets that are effortless to tend to, since they don’t even call for a whole lot of care and maintenance on your part. They are modest types of creatures with their own worlds contained by the fish tank, and you do not even need to socialize with them on a daily basis. You just have to keep their tanks dirt free and feed those most often. You might find lots of breeds to select from if you are planning to get fishes as pest. Some of the most popular breeds of fishes are:


Also called as the Carassius Auratus, this breed of fish instantly and easily capture the hearts of many kids and pet lovers as well. They are amongst the first ones to be domesticated. In fact, they are the most kept breed of fish in a fish tank as of now. Goldfishc ome in varieties of breeds, hue, color patterns, forms as well as sizes which are made possible through selective breeding.


With a scientific name of Pterophyllum, Angelfish is one of the most popular aquarium fish. It is a word that came from a Greek word "winged leaf" and scalare which actually means –“like a flight of stairs”- The uniqueness of the structure of this breed of fish is mainly seen in the long fins, which come out of the bottom and top and they have two 'feelers' at the front of bottom fin. Due to their angelfish look, so they certain do make a remarkable aquarium pets.


This is the most well-liked aquarium fish species all over the world. What is more, it is also the cheapest breed of fish. It doesn’t matter if you want to begin collecting or breeding them, you can choose from an extensive diversity of small, beautiful, peaceful, lively as well as colorful Guppy fishes. It is an ultimate choice for beginners. More importantly, kids love Guppies, so you must always bring home a guppy with you each time you'll be setting up a fish tank with your kids.

How to Take Care of Your Aquatic Pet

If you have a busy lifestyle, but wanted to have a pet fish, Guppy, Goldfish and Angelfish are the best options. But first you need to know how to take care of them. Pet fish is easy to care. If you have learned the basics, taking care of the will be easier and needs less maintenance as well. The most essential material you’ll need for this is an aquarium or fish tank. In buying aquarium, keep in mind that you’ll need an individual tank for a single fish or a huge tank to accommodate many types of fishes. When buying a fish tank make sure to consider the size, the materials, and ensure it has the needed accessories. Below are the top 3 best fish tanks available on the market.

Panaview Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter, 5-Gallon

This is a compact five gallons flat-backed fish tank with a curved front. It is energy effective, seven colors LED lighting, you can choose from green, blue, amber, aqua, white, red and purple to illuminate the aquarium’s inhabitants. It is also integrated with super clean ten internal power filters that clean as well as purifies tank. The Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge gets rid of the discolorations, smells, and more. The flawless acrylic construction provides a good view; extremely resistant to impact as well as child-friendly Check on Amazon

Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow

This is a ten gallon aquarium made of high quality glass with red fluorescent silicone. It comes with low-profile and quality hood that has aqua LED lighting. It is also integrated with calibrated with Aqueon 50 W preset heater, to keep the fish tank at the best condition. This is armed with Aqueon Quiet  Flow LED Pro Filter, medium cartridge, black background, multiple colored gravels, 3 plants, fish food as well as a water conditioner. Check on Amazon

KollerCraft 6.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Internal Filter and LED Lighting

If you are looking for a small fish tank for your small and cute guppy, then KollerCraft 6.5 is the best choice. This is armed with API SUPERCLEAN 10 Power Filter for sparkler clear and clean water. The Bio-CChem Zorb 10 filter cartridge efficiently removes discolorations, smells and more. It is also integrated with energy efficient lighting with 7 colors to choose from. It has the whole thing you need to set up a freshwater aquarium. Check on Amazon


There are many types of pets available out there, just make sure to choose the one you think easy for you to handle. You also need to pay attention to the needs of your pets in order for them to have a happy and healthy life, in which they can live for many years to come.